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Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013 by Webmaster

Tigerhead - The Velvet Revolution put a stamp on Tigerhead's year of birth in Czech Republic.
The influence of art in the society was rising, in her whole family art was present for generations and it became more and more influent to her life. Even though she is not so much into painting as her parents are, but "optical art" is for her the basic to open the mind and dive into sound sensations.

"All that noise and crazy sound" got her into the electric guitar by the age of 12. Besides this she sings and lerns to play instruments in a Punk Band at the age of 15, to replace her sister. Excess on stage - Tigerhead knows how this can run you down in Czech Republic. Just some years after her first time on stage, this oh so unforgettable moment, she gets to the point to know what she really wants in music. Her experience in different art finally brought her to the point where to reach out to her heartbeat - and this one goes at 130 bpm - so well, roughly.
She always kept the priority on music, but collaborating with well known Czech Producer was basicly the clash of two egos.

Besides all that she graduated from paintings in the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Cesky Krumlov and got into a Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. But more and more DJ Gigs in Czech Rep. came up.
Simple comes-in-sense: Fully focus on music and DJing. No matter the family and friends: Berlin gives her the best input and opportunities for enough output.



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