BERLIN - a place to feel alive (artworks by Alexey Kolganov)

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012 by Webmaster

10.10. 2012  -  05.11 2012

The Exhibition.
Berlin. The City of dreaming awake. The city of a Feeling. Giant Railway Station with people moving in and out. The Crossroad. The Center. Everything gathers here yet everyone finds their place, their own Berlin. The City of History. The History of a City. The Future. The Past. The Moment. Berlin that once were, will never be again, have never been before. Speed of a shutter. Click. And it's gone.
Berlin. A place to feel alive. The place to be alive. To watch. To absorb. To remember.

The Artist.
I grew up and lived most of my life in Russia, a small city far (by european standards) from Moscow, the Capital. About a year ago I moved to Berlin to continue with my career here. And even though photography is not my primary occupation, here it became the main source of inspiration, one that leads the way through "ordinary" days.
I started with photography years ago, never thinking of it becoming serious. Cheap SLRs and tools - what else does one need to try? Occasional shots, walk-arounds with a camera once a week or a month - that was mostly it. Then it grew more important, almost necessary and I started searching. Portraits, Landscapes, Architecture, Reportage - working in all these genres made me think about what I do, what I feel closest. Time passed by, and it became my source of self-fulfillment. Streets, people, tiny pieces, details. Things we usually overlook, or hardly notice at all. Patterns. Curves. Melody of a City, if I can call it that way. Now this - is what all my photographic journey is about of. This is what I wish to continue. And this is what I wish to show.

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