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by Claudia-Maria Humeniuk

BERLIN - a place to feel alive (artworks by Alexey Kolganov)

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10.10. 2012  -  05.11 2012

The Exhibition.
Berlin. The City of dreaming awake. The city of a Feeling. Giant Railway Station with people moving in and out. The Crossroad. The Center. Everything gathers here yet everyone finds their place, their own Berlin. The City of History. The History of a City. The Future. The Past. The Moment. Berlin that once were, will never be again, have never been before. Speed of a shutter. Click. And it's gone.
Berlin. A place to feel alive. The place to be alive. To watch. To absorb. To remember.

The Artist.
I grew up and lived most of my life in Russia, a small city far (by european standards) from Moscow, the Capital. About a year ago I moved to Berlin to continue with my career here. And even though photography is not my primary occupation, here it became the main source of inspiration, one that leads the way through "ordinary" days.
I started with photography years ago, never thinking of it becoming serious. Cheap SLRs and tools - what else does one need to try? Occasional shots, walk-arounds with a camera once a week or a month - that was mostly it. Then it grew more important, almost necessary and I started searching. Portraits, Landscapes, Architecture, Reportage - working in all these genres made me think about what I do, what I feel closest. Time passed by, and it became my source of self-fulfillment. Streets, people, tiny pieces, details. Things we usually overlook, or hardly notice at all. Patterns. Curves. Melody of a City, if I can call it that way. Now this - is what all my photographic journey is about of. This is what I wish to continue. And this is what I wish to show.

Artist Website: http://alexeykolganov.com
Exhibition Page: http://alexeykolganov.com/blog/mhas/

Caroline Schmitt - Drowning in Daylight

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Vernissage&Party 15. August um 20:00 bis 5. September um 23:00

On August 15th, the exceptional and very promising young journalist Caroline Schmitt will launch the opening of her first photography exhibition Drowning in Daylight at An einem Sonntag im August in Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg. The exhibition will show analogue and digital shots that document her fascinating experiences of a life as a creative in contemporary London.

The images of captivating young women in combination with an extraordinary glimpse of light have a way of showing extracts of the world itself and seem to get across the energy and the love for life of a whole generation effortlessly. Always honest but sometimes with a wink she takes us on a journey through a pulsing city, along the lines „London is what you make of it.“ Her photographs are highly autobiographical and show their subjects from an unspectacular yet unique point of view:

"Photography to me is a more authentic and colourful diary. Everything in this world moves incredibly fast and it seems as if the camera lens is one of the rare things that is still capable of catching the most exciting parts in whatever frequency. No pen, no paper needed, just the vivid image of what you see and what you'd like to see. In the best case, these two elements make a photograph. No one wants pure reality. Well, I least I don't!"

If you’re interested in what makes her visual diary that special, come and visit Caroline’s vernissage at An einem Sonntag im August on August 15. The exhibition will run until September 10th at Kastanienallee 103, 10435 Berlin.

An einem Sonntag im August - Programm August 2012

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03. Fr: Mathias Ache (Danze Leipzig)

04. Sa: Rafael Castro (playmobil)


10. Fr: Dennis Ripper

11. Sa: Hior Chronik - I am a tree


17. Fr: Mind The Clap

18. Sa: DJ Mohak


24. Fr: Tony Casanova, Berlin, Germany

25. Sa: SOL TIGHT - Turntable Humanist


31. Fr: Mario Worgall + Gillard Grace (resident DJ)

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Vernissage: Catchy Scratches - Der kleine Stern

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Mittwoch, d. 20.06. - Vernissage: Catchy Scratches - Der kleine Stern

Katrin Thiemann alias Catchy Scratches - 1981 in Erfurt geboren und seit ca. 10 Jahren in Berlin Pankow und Prenzlauer Berg lebend, arbeitet Katrin Thiemann seit 2005 als freischaffende Grafikerin.
Ihr Blogprojekt „catchyscratches.wordpress.com“ startete sie 2011 im Frühjahr nach einer langen Krise.
Als ausgebildete Grafikerin sagte man ihr irgendwann, sie müsste raus, aus der Wohnung und rein in die Ausstellung, weil sich irgendwann einfach alle Betrachter positiv zu ihren Werken äußerten.

Catchyscratches ist eine Sammlung von Skizzen, Zeichnungen, Drucken, Kunstprozessen und Design selbst.
Manchmal geht es um die Entwicklung, aber auch um fertig gestellte Projekte.
Meist ist sie ihr eigener Auftraggeber. Arbeitet mit hohem ästhetischen Anspruch in diversen Techniken an Collagen, Aquarellen, Studien, Sessions zu bestimmten Themen und langwierigen Projekten.

Ihre Inspiration findet sie im täglichen Leben! Zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen, Mode, Poesie, Natur, Religion, Romantik finden den Weg in ihre Werke und werden collagiert und verarbeitet.

Ihr kreatives Spektrum weicht ab von der Ästhetik die gewollt wirkt, sondern manifestiert sich oft subtil, in kleinen Details in den Bildern. Durch konservative Mittel versucht sie einen klassischen bis verträumten Eindruck zu entwickeln ...was ihr in dieser Ausstellung gelingt.


Musikalische Begleitung zur Vernissage:
Zwielächeln - ein gitarrenduo, dessen musik zum glück in keine schublade passt. Die instrumentalen stücke bedienen sich verschiedener genres mit allem was spaß macht. Raus kommt am ende eine mischung zwischen jazz, klassik, bossa nova, worldmusic, rock et cetera...